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  • Graphics-intensive 3D and rendering workloads

  • Maintain version control and adhere to security needs to prevent online leaks

  • Support for multiple 4K & HD monitors 

  • Secure & low cost VDI environment

  • Supports Office automation and Windows 10

  • Virtualized access to online training, teleconferencing, Skype, and other graphics-intensive applications

  • Greater student and faculty mobility & flexibility 

  • Improved security, as college curriculum and intellectual property are stored in the data center

  • Support for graphics-intensive engineering, science, and mathematics applications

  • Secure Remote Access to EMR applications

  • Access and edit medical images from anywhere and from any device

  • Increase mobility and collaboration

  • Real-time Collaboration and Mobility

  • Fully capable 3D virtual workstations

  • Instant access to the applications and data

  • Full data integrity and security

  • Easily integrate external users during expansions and acquisitions

  • Real-time collaboration across multiple locations

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