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Secure Mobile Virtual Workspace (SMVW) delivers feature-rich virtual desktops and applications using a purpose built cloud platform that is scalable across multiple deployment options. 


The solution is built on Cisco Hyperconverged infrastructure using VMware orchestration - vSphere Enterprise, vCenter Standard; VMware Horizon 7 (choice of Standard or Enterprise); vSAN all flash storage all hosted at Coresite Data centers. 

SMVW comes in two flavors - LC series that provides for a low cost VDI option and CSM series that provides for comprehensive VDI solution with support for vGPU.

Benefits of SMVW:

  • Leverage VMware's Reference Architecture to deliver custom built VDI solution that fits client requirement.

  •  VMware Horizon 7 provides enterprise class VDI Lifecycle mangement

  • Access anytime, from anywhere using any device - supports Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, Chrome, HTML 5, Thin client, Zero client.

  • Optional NVIDIA vGPU, provides performance for the most intense graphic requirements in the market