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Once you execute a contract, we provide our partners a dedicated infrastructure for a Proof of Concept (POC). A POC on-boarding call is conducted to discuss the details of how your team wants us to configure the system. Our team will handover a fully configured platform that you can use for a few weeks.

Our partners use this as a test bed to conduct performance tests and functionality tests to see how the proposed system suits their client needs.

Funding options:

In case you are leasing the entire solution purchase, we get each partner pre-approved thru our leasing vendor before a POC environment is allocated.

Partners can sign the leasing documents on satisfactory completion of the POC. Nuvolat gets its funds from the leasing company, while the partner pays the fixed monthly cost (Plus sales Tax + Insurance costs) to the leasing vendor on monthly basis for the duration of the lease contract.


In case the partner is not satisfied with the POC, Nuvolat can make tweaks to fix the issues or partners can just get out of the executed contract by writing a simple email.

Production Setup and going live:

Nuvolat will set up the production environment and help partners to configure. Once the set up is complete, partners can go live with their use cases.​

Introduction Call

During our introduction call, we discuss the overview of the SMVW offering. You get to know in brief – Who we are, VDI adoption opportunities, Our SKUs along with pricing.

Technical Deep Dive:

During the technical deep dive, we bring in our Technical Manager and any other expert that is needed to discuss in depth the implementation methodology. If you have a real-life use case, we can discuss at great length on the aspects of security, multi-tenancy, VDI functionality and configuration options. You can see the actual interface for Horizon View Admin, vCenter, PF Sense firewall etc. 

Building a Custom proposal:

​Once we gather all the information related to your real-life use case, we can provide a custom proposal and can have multiple discussions to go over the details

Proof of Concept: